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Mission Statement

The mission of the Homeland Park Primary Family is to acknowledge the uniqueness of the individual, provide challenging and diverse educational experiences which utilize innovative technologies in a safe and welcoming environment, and nurture a strong, positive foundation for learning  The vision of Homeland Park Primary School is to have each student performing on or above grade level before completing second grade.


We believe  a safe, nurturing emotionally stable environment promotes student learning.
We believe all students can learn and be successful in reaching their highest potential while preserving their sense of curiosity and wonder.
We believe students learn best when they are actively involved in developmentally appropriate activities.
We believe all students are unique and should be respected and valued.
We believe educating students is a cooperative effort between students, families, school, and community.
We believe each student should be well prepared for specific grade level expectations.
We believe all students will use current technology extensively throughout the curriculum.